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The Genesis Of Ni-Star

The story of NiStar is one of long lasting love between spirit and matter.

An extraordinary union between soul, heart and hand.

Each of our ideas begins with a dream which is passed on from artist to craftsman, from vision to implementation.

The NI-STAR is a revolutionary way to wear the Star of David and gives the amazing design that allows it to shape shift into dozens of models (58, to be exact) and be presented as entirely different forms. Some of them about 16 creating symmetrical shapes when starting from a closed shape to a full Star of David. That way, you can create a different feeling and self-design of each shape from one day to another.

US Ni-Star Patent

Designed and Produced by Alita Jewels Ltd.

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NiStar and NiStar Logos

are Trademarks of Alita Jewels Ltd.

Registered in US, EU and other Countries.

Patent No. US 61/736,549

Ni-Star Israel Patent
Be Part Of Jewelry With A Tradition And A Meaning