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We are Alita Jewels

Alita Jewels is a diamond jewelry design company LTD that is built on 35 years of manufacturing experience creating beautiful diamond and gold unique jewels, newly developed diamond shapes made by State-of-the-art technology processes, protected by the US and international patents, traditional and innovative jewelry designs that make breathtaking diamond engagement rings.
Each jewel in our collections receives individual care from our highly professional team throughout the entire manufacturing process.
We are members of professional trade associations including the Diamond Manufacturers Association (ISDMA) and the Jewelry Manufacturers Association (IJMA). Membership in these associations ensures our customers that our website and advertising content follow ethical and truthful business practices and ethical code and keep us in the front line of the exciting jewelry world innovations.

Choosing Diamonds
Diamond Inlay

How we design Diamonds?

We design and create new concepts in jewelry using diamonds and gemstones in a unique and innovative way.

We produce collections based on themes that touch the heart and emotions of men and women in contact with the real world.

We generate fashion in jewelry that says as much about you as the clothes you wear.

We bring the best in quality to the discerning and value to the lovers of excellence.


The ALITA brand is known for the highest quality in fine jewelry along with outstanding customer service and professional guidance. Quality, value and expert advice are the touchstones of our business.

As befitting a company that produces only the highest quality Diamond Jewelry, fine jewelry items, we manufacture in 14k and 18k gold and platinum, set with white, clean diamonds. Every model of our jewelry is handcrafted from the blueprint in our “jewelry design center” and the individual pieces are produced using traditional methods with the highest quality standards and the added benefit of the “state of the art” technology by our highly professional craftsmen.

Checking Diamonds

About Our Diamonds

Our diamonds come directly from the source, participating with the Kimberley Process, so you know what you are buying. Our designers are award winners so you like what you are buying. Our craftsmen have years of experience so you will appreciate what you are buying.

Controlling the whole process of selecting and polishing the rough diamond, designing the Diamond Jewelry, for the finished product, ensures that our customers receive only the highest quality at the very best prices.

Every item from Alita Jewels bears an authorized description supplied by certified, qualified gemologists.